Thursday, September 8, 2011

CEO is A O K

Kudos to CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz for his innovative initiative on asking other business leaders to hold off on campaign contributions until our elected officials offer up a plan to get our fiscal house in order.  It's a bold request considering that many of our country's policies are controlled by big business and special interest , which  these companies that Schultz is imploring are part of. These are precisely the influential  people that rely on their contributions to shape and guide policy to suit their needs.  You undoubtedly see the dilemma in the acquiesce of such a request ? The risk.   But its happening !  Companies are beginning to follow along.  That gives me hope that there is still a chance to stop this slippery slope and reverse course before this great Empire crumbles.  This is a serious problem that  I think the rich and powerful can and should take by the horns. 
Let's go a step further. Let's ask the rich of the nation to forgo their Social Security checks!
It has been said that all great empires fall. History has proven that.  But I say; not if they are smart, have the interest of "All" ahead of "One", have the will to put politics aside, and really are capable of seeing the forest through the trees. It would need to be an extraordinary act of unselfishness for us to change from the unsustainable path we are on. Think about it.  A contributing  solution to controlling and decreasing our nations debt is really to raise taxes and cut spending.  But few political leaders and business leaders want either.  Politicians are fearful if they vote to raise taxes or cut spending of popular programs, they will not  get re-elected.  I say that the message needs to be sent to our elected officials that "If you DON'T vote to raise taxes and cut spending, we will not re-elect you".

This is a problem that is being muddied by political rhetoric.  Do our representatives really understand or care about the current plight and future ramifications of this unsustainable trajectory?  Do you realize that many of our political leaders are wealthy individuals?  How is it that we accept people like that to represent people like us?  Am  I the only one that thinks this seems misaligned? What they care about, it seems to me, in regards to current and future concerns is the two "R's"; re-election and resume.  What do I need to do currently to get re-elected and what can I get on my resume to get a high paying  job with the private sector in the future?

Additionally, this two party system is destroying our country. Or at least what this two party system has become, is destroying our country.  Our founding fathers created a system to ensure compromise.  But our system is less about compromise and more about; us vs them,  me against you, we win you lose.  I am tired of listening to Republicans complaining about what the Democrats are or are not doing and the Democrats complaining about what the Republicans are or are not doing. All I hear when I hear that is; our system promotes the interest of "some" but not "all" depending on which side of the isle you  are on.  The media makes such a big deal when the parties reach across the isle or agree on an issue.  Shouldn't they be making a big deal when they don't?  We have allowed our system to become flawed by not demanding that bi-partisanship be a standard method of operation.  I think that the voters need to take hold  of our country and make compromise the rule rather than the exception.  I think that an Independent party needs to elbow its way in and take hold!

Before we can get our country on the right path to a sustainable fiscal future, we need to get the attention of our current self-interest, egocentric, short term thinking national leaders. How can we do that? Well I think that Mr. Schultz is on to something.

That's what I think........What do you think?